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Integrity began providing services in June of 2000 with a simple mission: to help people experience the best quality of living possible. People are unique, and as such no two consumers will have exactly the same care requirements. Integrity works together with its consumers to provide self-directed services (SDS). Care plans are customized to support each individual’s needs because at Integrity we know that people want to be treated with the respect that they deserve, and we intend to give it to them.

At Integrity, we welcome and value families, guardians, friends and other human service agencies to be an active part of a consumer’s life; a strong sense of community is important to us. This approach offers a system of check and balances that helps ensure an individual's maintained quality of life. 

Management Team Philosophy

 The Management Team at Integrity Residential Services, Inc. believes in a team approach. The members of the Management Team are in place to assist all of our employees and consumers in ways which are meant to be supportive and meaningful.  

Individual-Related Philosophy

Support systems are for the purpose of empowerment and encouragement of our consumers. We believe that everyone on a consumer’s team has a viable input and should be strongly encouraged to communicate in order for the consumer to receive the highest potential quality of services Integrity can provide for them. Everything we do is ultimately for the good of the consumer and should follow the spirit of our core values.


24 Hour Support

 Integrity provides services for people who have medical or behavioral needs that require 24 hour support. The individual is never left without support staff supervision. These living situations consist of either one, two, or three-person living. 

Come-in Support

 Come-in support consists of a one, two, or three person living arrangement and individuals only need 3 to 5 hours of support each day. 

Live-In Support

 Live-in support consists of either a two or three person living arrangement where the resident typically works during the day and lives with an Integrity staff member. 

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